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About Us

We were a group of strangers on a writing course at Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College in South West London. But, by the end of the ten weeks, we had got to know each a little, and developed a degree of trust. We had also enjoyed it and decided to continue meeting and sharing our writing.

We always sit at table number 52 in the sane cafe, and it was there that we came up with the idea of compiling a book.

We have now published our second book. Every piece is unique in style and content, often with a perspective gained from the country from which we originate.

The books mark milestones in our writing journeys (we have a way to go!) and we hope to inspire others to set off as we have done.

Our Bios


Jo Abare

Jo has worked in marketing for over 20 years. In 2019, she took a career break and enrolled on various short courses, including creative writing. Jo has done a lot of writing in her corporate world but none for pleasure since high school. The course ignited a latent passion. On her creative writing journey so far she has focused on short stories while contemplating her first novel - usually in Richmond Park walking her dog.

Karen Ali

After a long career in publishing and marketing, Karen is happy to stop writing about products and instead write about characters, plots and far away places.  Motivated by the enthusiasm of her fellow creative writers, she is now attempting to dust off and make some headway with that near-forgotten bottom-drawer novel.

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Trevor Aston

After a career doing radio, TV and photography, Trevor Aston has finally applied himself to a life-long interest in creative writing. And none too soon, he’s no spring chicken. Now his involvement with the Table 52 group is challenging his belief that no one will ever want to read his stories. You might think differently when you read one.

Sinem Erenturk

Sinem began her career as a young journalist in Turkey’s only English newspaper at the time, then moved to pharma where she worked for 15 years. Her life changed dramatically after becoming a mum to twin boys and moving to London with her family. That's when Sinem decided to focus more on her writing. Luckily she wasn't the only one pursuing a half-finished desire. When she's not writing, she's either singing or playing tag with her boys.

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Celia Gray

Born abroad, Celia has travelled and worked extensively in the US and Europe before making a home in England. After a career in teaching languages, notably French, and caring for family, she has now reverted to her childhood dream of story telling. An interest that lay dormant for many years.

Frank Offer

Frank works as a consultant in London to help local authorities improve outcomes for some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people, building on over twenty five years of experience. Frank enjoys stories with a transformational twist that bring hope in unexpected ways. This book brings to fruition a long held ambition to be a writer and he encourages all readers who hold such ambitions to take the first step even if the destination is not yet clear...

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Deborah Reeves

Deborah left home at sixteen. She has had a variety of jobs – waitress, fashion designer, artist’s model, teacher. She has lived and worked in Africa, Asia and Europe. Deborah has written stories in her head for many years and on paper for four. She loves being part of Table 52 Writers and all things creative. She was runner up in the Hillcroft Centenary Creative Writing Competition 2020.

Sarah Perret

Sarah has worked in communications for many years and is now a freelance editor. When she’s not doing that, she loves working on her local community magazine and looking after her two boys. Sarah never saw housework as one of her strengths, but is finding that her home is much cleaner now that she’s taken up creative writing. She has also got really good at checking the fridge.

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Flavie Whetman

Born in Paris, Flavie has lived in the UK for over twenty years. A former scientist, she has always enjoyed immersing herself in art, books and travel. It was while caring for her young children that she braved a creative writing course. When not walking or running, Flavie spends time with her fictional characters creating stories. Her next challenge is to finish that novel...

Sarah Savage

Sarah is originally from Manchester but defected to London over twenty years ago. She works as a teacher and a science and technology writer, but has only recently found the time to enjoy creative writing. Unfortunately she prevaricates heavily behind the pages of other people’s books, but has been made accountable for her own creative writing, by joining the supportive community of Table52.  She also plays the Alto Sax, which is yet another thing her two teenage boys are embarrassed about.


Joe de Souza

Jonathan Job de Souza (people call him Joe) had a varied and colourful history, including many years spent in and out of hospital suffering from bi-polar disorder. However, his life turned around with the birth of his son and he hasn't been in hospital since. He calls himself semi-retired from being a sports teacher, youth worker and even an ambulance driver for a Jewish day centre!  More recently, he has written a memoir called "No Ordinary Joe" and is thrilled to be part of Table52 Writers. 

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