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Table 52 - A Collection of Short Stories

The short stories from Table 52 Writers cover an eclectic mix of themes dealing with a wide range of human experience.
From the tragic and moving to the uplifting and humorous, each story sprang from the vivid imagination of the storyteller.

The result is a diverse and thought-provoking collection, bringing to life an innocent child, a lost widower and his dog, an outrageous romantic, an ambitious film-maker, a perfect family, a disillusioned wife, a grieving father, a Turkish chorister, and a village gossip.

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Table 52 - A Second Collection of Short Stories

In the spectrum of emotions, this book has more colours than the rainbow.

The themes in this collection of short stories are varied and surprising. They twist and turn while swinging up and down. That's only to be expected from such an unlikely collection of writers.

They met by chance at a community college. Very different people with only one thing in common - in short - they all had stories to tell.

So get ready, you'll be astonished where they take you.

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