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Table 52 -
A Second Collection of Short Stories

After a year of our first book and all the lovely feedback from our readers for our first book, we decided to keep going. Here we are with our second anthology from Table52 Writers!


"The stories sound from across the globe and across time: Aegean,
Thailand, London, 1930s Iraq, 1960s America. Each of their tales is a snapshot of what it is like to live in Human City."


“This collection is a small masterpiece of collaboration.

Each story belongs to its writer but it grew out of weekly meetings held by the group in which they share dreams, ideas, and critiques, as well as the large and the tiny editorial choices.
Read this book at one sitting or savour each story over time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have."
Tony Kirwood, writer and teacher

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Here are our stories:
Blood Oranges, Guavas and Believing in Fairies - Deborah Reeves
Bob Saved the Queen - Joe de Souza
Heatwave - Trevor Aston
The Phone Call - Celia Gray
Where I'm From - Sarah Savage
Ghosts - Deborah Reeves
A Cat in the Dark - Flavie Salaun
The Garage - Joe de Souza
Waiting for the King - Karen Ali
Silence of Olive Trees - Sinem Erenturk
Bilk - Sarah Savage
The Beach - Frank Offer
The Waiting Room - Joe de Souza
The Beer Can - Deborah Reeves
Handwash Only - Trevor Aston

Proceeds from our book will go to the charity, MIND Richmond Borough


Foreword and Reviews

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“Nine writers. Fifteen stories. Nine voices. No – more: every good story contains not just the voice of the writer but those of their characters. In these pages there are dozens, each of them calling out for your attention. They sound from across the globe and across time: Aegean, Thailand, London, 1930s Iraq, 1960s America. This is not surprising. The Table 52 Writers, although first meeting in my writing class at Richmond Adult Community College, have roots in Turkey, Paris and across the UK..."

Extracts from Stories

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Have a sneak peak into our stories by reading the extracts and perhaps try to guess the essence of each story? Would your thoughts be the same after reading whole of the stories? If so, where does the change come from? From the story itself or you?

Illustrator Perspective

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Read our illustrator's notes on our cover!

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