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Our Illustrator's Perspective

What were your thoughts when you received the brief?
When I imagined the cover in my head, I thought about the unique synergy Table52 writers had
created. My first mission was to gather the writers’ individual worlds together in a
harmonious way, because the stories and characters are very different to each other and it was
important to reflect them all in the best light.
How did you do that and what kind of effect did you want the cover to have on the

I did this by creating a contexture formed by separate “marks” that support each other but
giving room for each “mark” to express its own meaning. I wanted the reader - even before
turning a page - to feel this was a work of art bringing together stories that are rich and
diverse in nature. As the reader reads each story, I hope they are be able to understand and
feel what each symbol in those “marks” means for the story and connect further with it.

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