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Our first book!

Our first collection of short stories was published in April 2021

For the year before it was published, our writing group met regularly, first in person then virtually, sharing and discussing our stories as they developed. We encouraged each other to get to the finish line.

The short stories from Table 52 Writers cover an eclectic mix of themes dealing with a wide range of human experience. From the tragic and moving to the uplifting and humorous, each story sprang from the vivid imagination of the storyteller. The result is a diverse and thought-provoking collection, bringing to life an innocent young girl, a grieving man and his talking dog, an outrageous romantic, an ambitious film director, a tormented bus driver, an imperfect family, a disillusioned wife, a Turkish chorister in London, and a callous town gossip.

Here are our stories:

Reason to be Live - Trevor Aston

Copley Lane - Deborah Reeves

What Happens in Boston - Jo Abare

The Number 26 Bus - Sarah Perret

The River Goes On  - Frank Offer

Judith’s Journey  - Celia Gray

Counting On Rose  - Flavie Salaun

The Chorister from Istanbul - Sinem Erenturk

Via Con Me - Karen Ali


"I was expecting what teachers like to call “good work”, but these stories are the real thing. They are moving, funny, absorbing, poignant and thought-provoking."

Tony Kirwood, writer and teacher

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Proceeds from our book will go to the charity, MIND Richmond Borough

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